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Tibetan Art

Buddhas and Bodhisattvas
Compositions of Enlightened Buddhas, male Bodhisattvas, Gurus and Tantric Emanations currently available as Giclee prints.

Goddesses and Dakinis
Compositions of Tara, female bodhisattvas and dakinis currently available as Giclee prints.

Nyingma & Dudjom Tersar
Deities belonging to the Nyingma and Dudjom Tersar traditions.

Robert Beer Paintings

Kagyu Deity Lineages
Deities of Karma Kagyu and Drugpa Kagyu traditions.

Merit Fields & Assemblies
Refuge Tree or Merit Field assemblies of the Gelugpa, Karma Kagyu, and Dudjom Tersar Traditions; The Hundred Peaceful and Wrathful Deities; The Eight Manifestations of Padmasambhava; and the Thirteen Deities of the Japanese Shingon Tradition.

Yidam and Wrathful Deities
Semi-wrathful and wrathful male and female tantric Yidam deities, Protector deities, and Warrior deities, who are often accompanied by their mandala or retinue of directional and subsidiary deities.

Gold on Black Compositions
Gold on Black Thangkas (Nag Thang) of Yidam and Protector Deities, using gold outline and shading with minimal use of colour. Paintings currently available as Giclee Prints.

Mandalas and Diagrams
Two-dimensional geometric mandalas of Jnanadakini, Akshobhyavajra-Guhyasamaja, Sarvavid Vairocana, and the Sixteen Arhats. Also included are the Wheel of Life, and two diagrams illustrating the cosmology of the Kalachakra Tantra system.

Gold on Black (small)

New Thangkas for Sale
A selection of some of the finest contemporary Tibetan thangkas I have managed to collect over the past fifteen years, mostly painted by Sunlal Ratna Tamang, whose meticulous work I regard as the most skillful and authentic. Thangkas of this iconographic accuracy and quality are extremely rare, and my sole reason for purchasing them was to make them available for practitioners as fine-art Giclee prints. Given their uniqueness they are very reasonably priced, although only a few of them are mounted in brocade as I prefer to frame work of this quality behind glass.

Newar Tantric Art

Avalokiteshvara Forms

Male Buddhist Deities
Compositions of Buddhas, male Bodhisattvas and Tantric Newar deities currently available as Giclee prints.

Tara & Buddhist Goddesses
Various colour, sepia, and black-and-compositions of the female bodhisattvas Green Tara, White Tara, Sarasvati, Prajnaparamita, and Vasundhara in the Newar Buddhist tradition.

Vajrayogini & Vajradhara
Newar Buddhist depictions of Vajrayogini, Vidyadhari, White and Red Khechari, and Vajravarahi in yab-yum union with Chakrasamvara and Vajravarahi, that are currently available as Giclee prints.

Mahavidya Goddesses
Compositions of the Ten Mahavidya Goddesses of the Indo-Newar Shakta Tantra traditions, along with some other powerful Matrika or 'Mother Goddesses' of the Newar Hindu Tantric traditions.

Shiva, Ganesh, Bhairava
Newar compositions of mainly Shaivite-related Male Hindu Deities currently available as Giclee prints.

Tantric Hindu Goddesses
Principal Hindu Goddesses of the Indo-Newar Tradition.

Mandalas and Yantras
Two-dimensional Newar Buddhist mandalas of Hevajra and Chakrasamvara; the Kundalini Yoga Chakra Diagram; Shri Yantra; and the Mask of Bhairava.

Sino-Japanese Prints
Compositions of Chinese and Japanese deities, including Kuan Yin, Kannon (Guanyin), Amida Buddha (Amitabha), and the Thirteen Deities of the Japanese Shingon Tradition.

Digital Art Prints

A3 Digitial Art Prints

A4 Digitial Art Prints
A new series of twelve A4 size Digital Art Prints of Tibetan and Newar deities produced in November 2012, with a full iconographic description given on the back of each print. A4 size (11.7 x 8.3 inches: 297 x 210 mm)

John Miles Art

John Miles Visionary Art
This print gallery is devoted to some of the extraordinary visionary mandala and 'Synaesthesia' paintings of John F.B. Miles (1944-97), whose currently stored yet extensive body of work certainly merits greater public recognition. Although still little known, John was my main artistic mentor, lifelong friend, and the most passionate, intelligent, dedicated and talented painter I ever knew. From John's handwritten journals I have extracted various entries that reveal something of his own unique creative process or 'Life Force', and these appear in the Blog section of this website. Read Extracts from the Journals of John F. B. Miles.

Postcards and Posters

Set of 66 Mixed Postcards (New)
Special Offer! Bargain set of 60 different 6 x 4 inch postcards, plus five or six square and large format postcards.

Postcards (minimum 7 mixed)
A selection of sixty-four laminated 6 x 4 inch (152 x 108 mm) postcards of many popular Buddhist deities, with descriptions on their reverse sides.

Large Postcards (minimum 4)
A selection of eight large format deity and mandala postcards with descriptions on their reverse sides, and four large 8 x 6 inch (204 x 152 mm) postcards of paintings by John Miles.

Posters (A3 & A2 sizes)
A selection of six A3 size (420 x 297 mm) and two A2 size (594 x 420 mm) colour litho prints or posters, with the Wheel of Life having a description on its reverse side.

A2 Posters
A2 size Posters of Wheel of Life, Padmapani and Kalachakra screen print.

Notecards (Set of 11)
A set of eleven B/W Notecards with line-drawings by Robert Beer, which depict some of the most important Indian and Tibetan Buddhist lineage holders and gurus. The Notecards come with envelopes, and have a short biography of the lineage master depicted. Priced at £0-70 each, or £5-40 for the full set of twelve.

Silk Screen Prints (Signed)


Books For Sale 2022

NEW Books 2022
This Gallery features Robert Beer's two most important illustrated books, the "Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs", and the "Handbook of Tibetan Buddhist Symbols", both of which contain a wealth of accurate information and detailed line drawings by the author. The hardback edition of the Encyclopedia is now in its seventh reprint, and is widely regarded as the classic text on the symbolism of Indian and Tibetan Buddhist iconography.