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Customer Testimonials

Below are a selection of the testimonials provided by some of our customers regarding their artworks that they have received.

" Dear Robert, I received your parcel intact a few days ago. I was so happy and so moved when going through the paintings. I thought of the great bodhicitta of your heart and the same for the other artists. I gave a set to Khensur Geshe Wangdak Rinpoche to use as he would see fit. He sent me this collage that his present caregivers made; and this is in his room now . I felt you are due so much kindness and blessings and Thank-you(s), and here you will receive this wonderful blessing from the hand and heart of the former Abbot of His Holiness Dalai Lama XIVth Namgyal Monastery India, Khensur Wangdak Rinpoche also of the Drepung Loseling Monastery South India. With humble mind. Yours, "

Katherine (13/11/21)

" Thank you so much Robert, that is very thoughtful of you! It's such a pleasure to buy from you. "

Jakub (10/11/21)

"Hi Robert, I actually received it yesterday! Thank you so much, I deeply appreciate them!!! Stay well my friend! Thank you. "

Darren (10/10/21)

"Thank you so much! Much appreciated. "

Biljana (29/09/21)

"Hi Robert, I received the digital print of the Karma Kaygud lineage tree today. It is in good shape. Will have it mounted and framed up. Then around December when Karma Kaygud Rinpoche is back in Singapore, will have it consecrated. Thanks and Regards "

Richard (28/09/21)

"Dear Robert The delivery has arrived. Many many thanks. It is great. I was really happy about it Best regards from Martin "

Swiss Martin (16/09/21)

"Dear Robert, I received the parcel today. It was a bit of a complicated process getting it. Online forms, phone calls etc but it arrived today anyway and all is good. I'm very happy with the prints, they're beautiful. Thank you. And thank you for so many postcards. I'm looking forward to finding a nice way to frame them too. In future if I order again, I would probably get stuff from UK or yourself sent to my family home in Dublin as I imagine the process would be more straight forward between UK and Ireland. Best wishes and all the best with settling in at your new home. "

Manus (08/09/21)

"Dear Robert, Your package arrived safely today, and I was most surprised and touched by your thoughtfulness and generosity in sending the additional prints, including your own iconic red & gold Guru Rinpoche. They are all lovely, and I am very much looking forward to deciding how I will have each of them properly framed, and which I will hang where. I believe that I'll be revisiting some of my original thoughts on that! With many thanks and best regards, "

Paul (08/09/21)

"I wish you a wonderful birthday, Sir. I'm constantly amazed at how much your work had come to influence my practice over the years. Between your works of art and your contribution to textual books there always seems to be a new ah ha moments arising when I encounter your contributions to the Dharma arising within the West. Much love and Appreciation. "

Kieran (07/09/21)

"Hello Robert! It is difficult to find superlatives to apply to the Green Tara print. It is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Will be getting it to the frame shop soon. And Nagarjuna... Oh Wow! Very Impressive! I have not been a fan of the red on gold or black on gold prints that one sees online. There is not exactly a plethora of them hanging around the Center here either for that matter. Yours is the first one that I have seen in person. My eyes have been opened! Thank you for the lovely gift! I am a big fan of Nagarjuna as well and have had nothing of him to put on the wall up until now. "

Fred (06/09/21)

"Dear Robert, Your package was in the mailbox when I checked it this evening. I am flabbergasted! With gratitude born of great joy, "

Fred (03/09/21)

"E Ma Ho! Thanks ...."

Monica (23/08/21)

"Dear Robert, Thanks so much for making the effort especially now with your house move. I really appreciate it. The prints and postcards will help to decorate the place and bring some nice energy into the house. I'm looking forward to getting them up on the walls. Best wishes for now, "

Manus (20/08/21)

"Ahhh! So magnificent! Thank you. And I also appreciate the additional images supplied, especially your Abhayakaragupta drawing. .. was just home from travel and sorting a lot of mail and did not think to fully open up the package. I hope your unpacking goes well and your new home comes into order quickly."

Susan (16/08/21)

"Hi Robert! Just to let you know - I have received the print. It’s beautiful!!! Thank you sooo much for sending it and sorry for previous troubles. Blessings! "

Marija (11/08/21)

"Good afternoon, I received this order today and I am thrilled with what you sent. Thank you! I noted that, in addition to what I ordered, you sent a lovely gold and red print of Khedrub Je, and another a photograph of the Gelug assembly of gurus (a larger version, in photo form, of the one I ordered). They are wonderful, and I am very glad to have them. But I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t a mistake. If you intended to add them as a gift, I am most grateful and will find a home for them on or near my altar. But if they were included in error, then I would like to pay you for them; perhaps I am wrong but given the beautifully hand-lettered envelope I imagine you are not a huge commercial enterprise and I don’t want you to go uncompensated if this was a mistake. Please let me know if I owe you anything and how I can get it to you. Thank you again. "

Les (07/08/21)

"I have received the prints. So lovely."

Angela (22/07/21)

"Dear Robert, A pleasure to hear from the man himself ! - My name is Jeff, the Himalayan department curator at AAM in San Francisco. Your work has been of inestimable value to me over the years, and I look forward to giving this Green Tara a nice home in my backyard hut shrine. When you find yourself in the States, perhaps when our sanity is minimally restored, please do visit, and I will show you some thangka secrets in the underground treasury - Respectfully, "

Jeff (07/07/21)

"Dear Robert, Thank you so much for sending the Amitabha and Quan Yin prints and the Quan Yin and Tara cards - with extra copies! That is extremely generous and very kind of you to do, and I know the images will find their way to people and places where they will be deeply appreciated. Warm wishes and many thanks again, "

Sophie (07/07/21)

"Dear Robert, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful prints. All were received in perfect condition. AND thank you so very much for the extra prints/posters. All of them are lovely. Your work is beautiful and inspiring for practice. Thank you for the ten thousand labours. Much metta, "

Karin (04/07/21)

"Dear Robert, All the things are here. I think it was only one week or two, perfect. Your prints and paintings are great!!! The next order will come..:) Best regards "

Igor (03/07/21)

"Dear Robert, I receive the envelope past Saturday; and I really wanted to thank you for the attention to detail, the care and preparation. And for the generosity and to my astonishment some extra prints, included in the package. I really felt so touched, and amazed by your work. "

Alfonso (27/06/21)

"Dear Robert, Many thanks, appreciated. I have been inspired by your work for many years so in a way it was a happy mistake to be able to speak. Look forward to receiving it. Best wishes, "

Scott (21/06/21)

"Dear Robert, Thank you so much for your promptness and care in handling this order for me. The print arrived today and was in perfect shape. Further thanks for the gift of the Mahakala print you included. It is a testament to your lifelong dedication to the appreciation and execution of Tibetan art. My wife and I are delighted with both prints and look forward to having them beautifully framed. Warmest regards, "

Brian (15/06/21)

"Dear Robert, Thank you so much for going to all the extra effort! The image is very meaningful to me. You are truly appreciated for the times that you have gone above and beyond. Your kindness is felt even with an ocean between us. "

Fred (06/06/21)

"Dear Robert, Order received gratefully. And many thanks for the extras! All the best, "

Carl (02/06/21)

"Dear ROBERT, Thank you so much for all of this support and helpful information. You are a prince. I am looking forward to these pieces. Warmest regards, "

Karin (27/05/21)

"Robert, I'm so glad to have found your art. I've always cherished it, and to hear from you personally just adds to the whole experience. "

Kieran (27/05/21)

"Dear Robert, the prints have arrived. The quality and the colors are really good, we are very happy - and it will make some people happy also! Thank you also for the Chenresig, which was included. It's also a beautiful Thangka and it made me have a look at your website again - and see the many beautiful things you have. Maybe sometimes later I'll be back here and will ask you for some other prints. Difficult to resist, when seeing all of them ;-). "

Andrea (22/05/21)

"Just wanted to make sure that 66 postcards means there are no duplicates. And was wondering whether they include Red Tara. Thank you! Big fan of your Handbook of Buddhist symbols book. "

Ivan (18/05/21)

"Hi Robert, pictures arrived on Saturday in good condition and look great. Many thanks "

Keith (17/05/21)

"Dear Robert, The tube arrived today some hours ago. I unpacked them carefully and let them lie for a while before unfolding them as you described. They are perfectly intact and of course very beautiful. As always the quality is very nice. Thank you very much! Best wishes "

Valeska (17/05/21)

"Hello Robert, thank you very much for doing this. Greetings from Vienna, "

Martin (17/04/21)

"Dear Robert, I have received the prints. Many thanks for the great selection you sent us. Lovely images. Kind regards, "

Matteo (14/04/21)

"Hi Robert, Just received the post cards. Thanks so much for the extras! The inclusion of Vajra Varahi especially turned out to be auspicious. We are great fans of your work here. Just finished reading yours and Dowman’s Legends of the 84 Mahasiddhas last night, actually. Wonderful! Best Wishes "

Devon (13/04/21)

"Your Guru Rinpoche just arrived - and it is brilliant. I love it - and it will sit in a special place. Many many thanks. I am quite familiar with your work. I have Legends of the Mahasiddhas - and am amazed at your paintings. Best wishes "

Jim (30/03/21)

"Hi Robert, Just to let you know, the cards turned up today all perfect. Kind regards "

Darren (30/03/21)

"Hi Robert, Thank you so much for posting so promptly and the care you've taken with the postage and the bonus of the extra prints, it is very much appreciated. Best wishes "

Leanne (24/03/21)

"Thanks for the good advice kindly worded. The face of Vajrasattva in your painting is a positive image for me."

Michael ( 23/03/21)

"Thank you Robert - I absolutely love your work and appreciate every package! The primary sanctum in our Boulder Creek retreat space is going through a massive transformation right now and part of the lesson is "Sukhavati". So this is a timely and appropriate order :). My best, "

Chi/Evan (14/03/21)

"Dear Robert, Thank you for your quick response and clearing up my concern. Thank for the free posters. I have admired your work for years and have your tibetan encyclopedia and had purchased some of your art postcards from a (new age) shop many years ago... Thank you again, "

Curtis (12/03/21)

"Dear Robert, Order received safely today and in perfect condition. The printing quality is quite wonderful. Thank you also for those two bonus art works from your own hand, they too are of superb quality. I then read your biography dated 2010 on the website, most moving and inspiring. Wishing you all the best, "

Philip (09/03/21)

"Dear Robert, Well, I absolutely love the print of Amitabha-Amitayus! Perfect for my current immersion in Phowa! And thank you so very much for your gifts of HH and Yeshe. Oh, how I love their faces. "

Karen (09/03/21)

"Dear Robert, My order arrived and I must sincerely thank you for slipping in the few extras too. Luckily the order was opened in front of the resident Lama and the sangha here and everyone was blown away by the beauty and the sheer detail in each of the works. Great work, thank you so much. "

Tsultrim (06/03/21)

"thank you, thank you, your generosity is sublime, may you rest easy in the unchanging emptiness, may you know the heart of the Buddha's, may you be blessed with the all encompassing effulgent Light. much love Robert, "

Mark (05/03/21)

"Thank you! Love your art!"

William (21/02/21)

"Thanks Robert. I appreciate your willingness to share and I’ll be sending the practitioners your way. Warmly "

John (21/02/21)

"Dear Robert, That's great, thank you so much! I've had a great love of and interest in printmaking since my first employment pulling a squeegee in a sign shop and have started reading about the Giclee technique. It's a wonder! Thanks for the good information on your website."

Michael (19/02/21)

"Dear Robert; Wow, the package tube arrived today and I was blown away!! Not only is your art absolutely breath-taking, but you gave me so many extras!! Thank you so much! I am thrilled to receive the additional White Tara, Medicine Buddha, Padmapani, Chenrezig, and golden Shakyamuni Buddha. They aren't even hanging yet and I feel like they've already brought more peace and clarity into my home. You are wonderful, I truly can't thank you enough for your generosity. All my best to you and yours!! "

Franklin (16/02/21)

"The cards arrived this morning. Thank you so much, I am delighted with them, and so pleased to have got them from you directly. I found your bio so interesting. What a fantastic life you have had. Such depth of knowledge and understanding from being so close up to the images and their culture. I had planned a task of writing on the back of each one the description on your website.... but I see it is already done! Thanks again "

Ros (12/02/21)

"Hello Mr. Robert, I would like you say thank you for this amazing tanka picture really Amazing I bought Dorje Drolo) and thanks a lot for this amazing Yogins , I'm Vajrayana Buddhist in Karma Kagyu school i just doing mandala offering :-) soon i will buy another i thinking about Yellow Jambhala - greetings Mr. Robert ps. sorry for my English i still learning :-) "

Adam (05/02/21)

"Dear Robert, Beautiful pictures - just what I need for visualising Samantabhadra. And so kind of you to pop some extra pictures in with my order. I am touched and delighted!! Keep safe in these weird times and best wishes "

Brenda (04/02/21)

"Thank you Robert — I appreciate the response and the care that will be taken with the order. I look forward to the unwrapping when it arrives! Best wishes, "

Natalina (02/02/21)

"Hello, dear one. Just a little note to let you know Kuan Yin has arrived safely. She is even more beautiful than I imagined. Can’t wait to get these precious images framed. Also, we are both so taken with your lovely Shantideva print. It’s really quite beautiful and frankly, the most lovely I’ve seen. All our love and Best Wishes to you. "

Cory and Beth (02/02/21)

"The posters arrived today, thank you so much, they’re absolutely beautiful in every way. The explanations and the care is really evident. Much gratitude "

Rob (22/01/21)

"Hi Robert, The art arrived and it is all beautiful and arrived safely!! thank you so much and thank you for the extra Green Tara and Khedrub Je pictures. thank you for the service you provide with this beautiful art. Warm regards, "

Michelle (16/01/21)

"Robert, Wow! Thank you so much for this follow up. I appreciate it a ton- honestly, very rare to get an email of this sort. Thank you again. "

Ben (14/01/21)

"I just wanted to say thank you for sending the postcards I ordered so promptly, and thank you for including a few that I hadn't ordered. I am especially grateful to have received Kurukulla, she is having quite a deep effect on me. I am unfamiliar with Tibetan Tantric Buddhism but have been recently drawn to the artwork, especially of the Dakinis, and so was very happy to find your collection online to be able to purchase from. Many thanks for making this extraordinary and beautiful artform available to so many people. In gratitude, "

Tom (14/01/21)

"Robert, just received the prints, they are perfect! I love them! Thank you again and again! "

Martyne (12/01/21)

"Thank you for the sending of the Medicine Buddha print! Thank you also for the two extra prints :-) They arrived today. Wish you all the best, "

Gerd (15/12/20)

"Dear Robert, Thank you so much for your lovely email. And thank you for collecting and making available so many beautiful pieces!! I love looking at your website. I look very much forward to receiving the artworks, whenever they arrive. Have a lovely day. "

Melya (14/12/20)

"Dear Robert, Yes ! The tube arrived today, while I was away. I just opened it a few minutes ago, and it is a pleasure for the eyes ! The quality of your prints is amazing ! Now I will spend hours studying all the details of the paintings, with the help of your description files that I found on your web site. Thank you very, very much for making the prints at the highest resolution. "

Pierre-Philippe (12/12/20)

"Received the mounted print and your generous gifts. Sincere thank you Robert."

Adam (11/12/20)

"Dear Robert, I just wanted to let you know I received the prints a few days ago. They arrived safely and in perfect condition. They are stunning. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the print of Abhayakaragupta along with the others - it is serene and lovely and I'm so glad to have it in my collection. Thank you again for the pieces. I will probably purchase some more prints for family in the coming weeks (the holidays are upon us). Sincerely, "

Maxwell (29/11/20)

"Hi Robert! Ha! Thank you. I did not open them because I did not want to disturb them. They are all beautiful. Thank you. Be well. "

Shelly (24/11/20)

"Thank you so much again, I really appreciated it."

Daniel (19/11/20)

"Robert, Thank you for reaching out and giving me this update. I am excited to receive these two works to assist me in the practices I am doing during the pandemic, especially Chod. Your work has guided me since I first walked into a dharma center in New Orleans, Louisiana 23 years ago. I have many of your works in my house and my meditation room. I’m just grateful for everything you have done for me, although we have never met. With a deep bow of respect, "

David (18/11/20)

"Thank you for the beautiful and evocative practice supports your create. Best,"

Martha (18/11/20)

"Hello Robert Sorry about replying so late, it slipped my mind. The tube was delivered the same day you emailed me, and I received the print, the bonus one as well. Thank you so much, very nice of you and it's a great art! Best wishes. "

Alexander (08/11/20)

"Dear Robert, Thank you for this indication, and for yours thangka's great quality. Precious and inspiring objects for practitioners. Best wishes. "

Lionel (02/11/20)

"Thank you for you work. The detail is just amazing."

Ben (29/10/20)

"Dear Robert, I thought you might like to see how my son was so delighted by your Tiger and Dragon which I put in his room today and which he is being happily transported by. He loves Dragons and Tigers. "

Martin (24/10/20)

"Dear Robert Thank you so much for the Yeshe Tsogyal A5 Print the quality is absolutely stunning and she has found her place on my altar. "

Ben (22/10/20)

"Dear Robert, Thank you for informing me about the prompt despatch of the beautiful Gelugpa Refuge Tree print. I received it today. It was very kind of you to include three extra posters of Buddhist deities - I have long admired your work & am pleased to have them. With best wishes, "

Judy (21/10/20)

"That's great, thanks Robert. I really like your work and am looking forward to getting the new images."

Adrian (20/10/20)

"Thank you for the wonderful prints dear Robert, I appreciate the extra ones you sent me and they are all at the framers desk right now ~ Thank you for your time and excellent service. All Best, "

Manou (15/10/20)

"Hello, Thank you for the diligent care of my order and the free posters. I was led to this purchase, a series of synchronicities, I have no idea what I bought, I just know everything is working out perfectly. Thank you again for everything "

Daniel (14/10/20)

"Thank you so much!"

Miguel (07/10/20)

"Dear Robert, I already received the postcards and the posters. Everything arrived safely in perfect condition. Thank you very much for two free prints you added - they are very nice! Whole purchase process was smooth and easy. Thank you! Best wishes, "

Marius (02/10/20)

"Hi Robert Many thanks for the additional poster. "

Jane (06/10/20)

"Dear Robert, Just realized that I have had your incredible book, The Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs, since 2013. I occasionally did a little bit of painting before coming into contact with Dharma. I was immediately drawn to your book in Michael's library and ordered a copy. It is amazing. Have spent many hours looking, reading - just beautiful. So grateful for all your beautiful and important work. May all benefit. Thank you again. Please stay safe. Metta, "

Jo Ellen (14/09/20)

"Dear Robert I received the print on Saturday in perfect condition and it looks terrific. Thanks for your great service and product as well as the Medicine Buddha print. I will recommend you to all my friends. Best wishes, "

David (13/09/20)

"Dear Robert, Just to let you know, the prints arrived yesterday (9th). They are beautiful! There are many other prints that I would like to buy. I am looking forward to my next order! Kind regards, "

Carl (10/09/20)

"Hey thanks for the quick response. I did order two prints. Must commend you on your work and your website. Best I have seen. Been with most primarily Tibetan Buddhism 50+ years - with varying degrees and levels of practice. Thank you for being here. Have fun! "

Larry (09/09/20)

"Hi Robert, Yes thank you. I thought I sent a note when the package arrived. I actually only opened it a few days ago and wanted to send another thank you note. The posters are super cool! Thank you for the special surprise :-) Best regards, "

Gabor (08/09/20)

"Hi Robert, Thank you so much. Can I just say - as a Vajrayana practitioner your website is an absolute gem of a find. I recently received a transmission for Palden Lhamo, so I’m sure an image of her will be ordered from you soon. Keep up the good work! Best wishes. "

Stephen (06/09/20)

"Hi Robert, I received my print last night. Thank you so much for the care in shipping and handling and the lovely Khedrub Je and Abhayakaragupta as well, I appreciate it! Sarvam Mangalam, "

Brian (03/09/20)

"Dear Robert, The prints were delivered earlier today and I just unpacked them. The prints are beautiful and I am looking forward to having them framed. Thank you once again and immense gratitude to you. I cannot express the happiness I felt on receiving the prints. Best regards "

Rajiv (21/08/20)

"Dear Robert. The prints have arrived, and they all look very fine. Thank you so much. All the best, "

Lene (14/08/20)

"Thank you, Mr. Robert. Appreciate your support. God bless you. Best Regards, "

Keshar (27/07/20)

"Thank you so much for the beautiful images, and for the little 'extras' of your own. "

Jon (27/07/20)

"Dear Robert, Looking forward to it! I'm a fan of your work and recently pick up a copy of your fantastic book on symbols, best wishes, tashi delek. "

Andrew (23/07/20)

"Hi Robert, Received the print - it's beautiful! I just ordered some more things. Love your Kalachakra painting in particular. Thank you so much! "

Evan (23/07/20)

"Thank you very much Robert! I am sure my friend will love their surprise gift. Your personalized attention is much appreciated. I have been a great admirer of your work for many years. I pray for your long life that you continue to inspire humanity with your beautiful creations Kind regards, "

Sarah (19/07/20)

"Dear Robert I received my prints today, and I just wanted to thank you for including the extra ones. That was so very kind of you! My number one favourite is your Medicine Buddha. It is absolutely wonderful! I found you because I was searching for such an image, and I am so glad I did. All good wishes and thanks to you Robert "

Debra (10/07/20)

"Dear Robert Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and your generosity in sending me some extra pictures. I was very touched by this gesture. I love your work and find all the paintings inspirational. Standing Green Tara has a particular inspirational energy. Thank you. With love and pranams "

Annabelle (10/07/20)

"Dear Robert, Thank you very much for the beautiful posters, purchased and gifted. I have long been an admirer of your work and it was a pleasant surprise to receive a personal communication. I am in the process of ordering some brocades for framing some of them, they will go in our small shrine room. Best wishes, "

Robert (06/07/20)

"Dear Robert: What to say? I am so very touched by your generosity and your good heart. Love and Blessing, "

Bill (06/07/20)

"Dear Robert Thanks for the information. I am giving teachings over zoom on the dohas of Tilopa and Naropa and thought it would be great to have a print of the thangka with all of Tilopa's teachers. Your collection of Thangkas are wonderful. Yours in the Dharma, "

Fred (29/06/20)

"Hi Robert, Just to say thank you I've received the inspiring posters, they're just beautiful. Thank you, "

Lydia (27/06/20)

"Hello Robert, I hope this short note finds you well and prospering. Just letting you know that Flying Sarasvati arrived safely today after her journey by road, air and rail. Exquisite! And thank you for your personal and signed print of Guhyasamaja. So precious. I'm happy to report that the registered postal journey took less than one month to travel halfway around the globe this time. Kind regards "

Catherine (15/06/20)

"Hi Robert, I just wanted to say that my order arrived this morning and thank you very much for the quality of the packaging ... Ekajati is now framed and on the wall as I type this ! Thank you, "

Simon. (13/06/20)

"Hi Robert, That was very kind of you and thank you for the added gifts they will very much be appreciated. Again thank you. "

Allison (04/06/20)

"Dear Robert, Just to let you know that I'm absolutely delighted with the fantastic print of Guru Simhamukha. It is really beautiful. I've had for many years the book you made of the Mahasiddhas with all of its wonderful pictures you painted. Thank you, kind regards "

Elizabeth (03/06/20)

"thank you Robert….thank you for this work that you do… I love this art work, especially the Tibetan iconography in a more western style…I find it more accessible… blessings, "

Catherine (31/05/20)

"Oh, thank you ever so much Robert, I received the Tube this morning and want to thank you for all the extras you included as well as the high quality of the "Nyingma Protector And Yidam Deity Assembly" print, it's very much appreciated ... now I need to source some suitably sized Picture Frames ! Best Wishes, "

Simon (25/05/20)

"Hello Robert, I've just finished framing Devendra's 'Sarasvati Flying on Her Swan' So beautiful .... Please see attached. Regards, "

Catherine (23/05/20)

"dear Robert, thanks for the wonderful Vajrayogini that now has prime of place on my shrine - and the extra prints you included, Many good wishes "

Michael (20/05/20)

"Thank-you also for including beautiful Khedrub Je with mandala and Abhayakaragupta with serpent and phoenix. Best wishes, "

Sophie (13/05/20)

"Dear Robert I have received the Protector print, it is very impressive. The additional print of Dorje Sempa is very welcome. Thank you "

Simon (05/05/20)

"Hi Robert, My order arrived yesterday. Thank you very much for the extra cards, they're beautiful. Stay safe and well, Kind regards "

Danny (02/05/20)

"Dear Robert, Many thanks for the Yamantaka that arrived yesterday, safe and sound. Thanks also for the additional pictures that you gifted. Beautiful. I also want to thank you for my pop-up alter that I use a lot when traveling. Not much traveling happening at present though. I hope you remain well and continue to send out such joy through your art and inspiration. "

Andy (02/05/20)

"Thank you Robert for your swift reply. Your website is a wonderful resource for practitioners. I am teaching a simple Zoom Green Tara Class tomorrow and will mention your site. I now realize I bought 2 of your prints from Namse Bangdzo at KTD Monastery- Menla and White Tara. They were mounted and beautifully done. Thank you. "

Cathy (01/05/20)

"Hi Robert, Just wanted to let you know the Guru Rinpoche print and extra cards arrived today in splendid condition. Thank you much for your beautiful work and extra cards. Please stay healthy. Warm regards, "

Susan & Maddox (28/04/20)

"Thanks Robert the cards arrived today and I'm very pleased with them."

Graham (27/04/20)

"Dear Robert, Tube received!....everything looks beautiful!....so glad you had that large Vajrabhairava in stock. "

Tom (26/04/20)

"Dear Robert, Many thanks and just to say how valuable I have found your book on tibetan symbols. It is an ongoing companion to my studies and also influences my own attempts at art. Many thanks again. "

Andy (26/04/20)

"Dear Robert They arrived with amazing speed (Monday and Tuesday) and are beautiful and the print quality extraordinary - thank you also for the additional print and larger size refuge tree. Very best wishes "

Rosa (24/04/20)

"Hi Robert, I am so enjoying the Medicine Buddha and Guru Rinpoche prints you sent. Our young grandson Maddox is fascinated with the Guru Rinpoche print so it is time for one of his own. I pray you are healthy and well. Warm Regards, "

Susan (10/04/20)

"Dear Robert, I received it yesterday indeed! And I just open it one hour ago, everything is perfect. Thanks for Padmapani also! I hope everything is fine for you in this time. "

Nils (03/04/20)

"Dear Robert, I'm happy to inform You, that I have received Your prints. I see this as a blessing that I have received it so soon and without struggle. They are amazing! And I really appreciate the additional prints! Thank You for such a wonderful present :) My Best Regards, "

Katriona (02/04/20)

"Hi Robert! Thank you for these messages. I have been on a solo retreat (we're all in retreat I guess) and I'm catching up on emails. Just wanted to let you know that my refugee tree arrived today! I am very excited to look at it once I let it "air out". Anyways, thank you for your wonderful service and artwork to help support my ngondro practice. Warmly, "

Rob (28/03/20)

"Dear Robert, Yes, I recieved a note with the same message yesterday. I just got home from the store where I could pick up my package, and just unpacked the tube. Dear Robert, I must say I'm overwhelmingly happy for those gift you send. Specially the Wheel of Life and the Kalachakra that has been on my wish list. At the moment I'm about to create a meditation-room in me and my boyfriend's new apartment. We are both students so therefore the progress is of course slow. We are surprisingly happy that our surroundings can be even more beautiful decorated than expected. We both thank you very much, and we are sending you a lot of wishes for your great generosity. Best Wishes "

Marco and Valeska (27/03/20)

"Thank you so much!"

Bridget (26/03/20)

"Dear Robert, I hope you are doing well. I just let you know that I received Yeshe Tsogyal, and all the posters you added! Thanks a lot. Best wishes, and take care, "

Nils (19/03/20)

"Dear Robert, I let you know that the two packages arrived at the same time. As usual, the work is excellent. "

Jose (20/03/20)

"Thanks, Robert. The print arrived in today's mail, in perfect condition. "

Jim (10/03/20)

"Hi Robert -- Thanks for checking and your update. I did, however, receive the package with the prints and postcards, plus your surprise additions. Sounds like snail mail is fine but updating Customs records is even slower. All the best, "

Marianne (03/02/20)

"Dear Mr. Robert Beer. I have received the 3 A4 format ... and the extra . thank you very much. Really I am delighted with the quality and beauty of these products. A very nice job. I am now waiting for the second one to send the wheel of life ordered .. and do not doubt that it will still delight me, and again thank you for the quality of your work and the efficiency in the execution of orders. See you soon for other orders. Cordially. "

Olivier (01/02/20)

"The Manjushri print has arrived and is spectacularly beautiful, thanks Robert!"

Janice (22/01/20)

"Dear Robert, I called my friend and he said the parcel is in the house. Can't wait to get home and open the Vasundhara print. Thank you so much for the update and making it on time. Appreciate it much. "

Prasen (20/01/20)

"Dear Robert, Thank you so much for your kind email message. Your drawings and paintings are an important bridge between traditional Dharma cultures and authentic transmissions of those culture's teachings to the West. Thank you so much for your beautiful work! "

Hans (17/01/20)

"Hi Robert -- The packet arrived safely with its delightful surprises! This was very kind of you to include the Padmasambhava and the glorious gold on vermilion print of Abhayakaragupta. I had not seen a print of Dudjom Tersar's Refuge Tree before, other than on your website, and when I first opened it and saw the print I felt an intuitive sense of rightness for the tree. When I was home, I realized I had forgotten to mention the Nyingma protectors--they're glorious and immediately made themselves at home. All in all, a remarkable package to receive. Thank you! All the best, "

Marianne (15/01/20)

"Dear Robert, Thank you very much for the postcards. I received them today and they are beautiful. Great quality prints too! Thank you also for the extra ones. Very kind of you. Yours in Dharma, "

Hossain (06/01/20)

"Dear Robert, Your package arrived today and the prints are beautiful! All of them look great, but the Medicine Buddha took my breath away, it is exquisite. I am honored to have it in my home and for it to be the first copy, too. Thank you again for the care that goes into creating these pieces. Best Wishes "

Susan (16/12/19)

"Hi Robert - many thanks for the print and screen prints. Your work is outstandingly beautiful. Kind regards "

Nicolas (25/11/19)

"Dear Robert, We received today! Just mesmerized by the exquisite detail...especially the Newari print. Breathtaking. Thank you dear Vajra Brother. In Loving Kindness - Metta "

Michael (14/11/19)

"Hi Robert Just a little thank you for the extra poster of the medicine Buddha, it's one I actually wanted to have up on my wall. Thanks and all best "

Laura (07/11/19)

"Hello Robert Thank you so very, very much for your kindness, it's much appreciated. I'm sure everyone will benefit greatly from your posters. "

Grace (03/11/19)

"Hello! I just received my print of Mahakali Enthroned yesterday and I think it's absolutely gorgeous. The colors, the details, everything! Thank you! Thank you also for the beautiful gold/red silk-screen prints. My only regret is that I didn't purchase the print in 12 x 17 format... I might have to do something about that in the future. Keep up the good work, "

Julien (24/10/19)

"Dear Robert Thank you very much for sending me the postcards. It is very kind of you and I do appreciate it. With best regards "

Peter (22/10/19)

"Dear Robert This morning I was finally able to get down to the post office to pick up the print that you mailed me. I have to say WOW, such beautiful quality, not to mention the art work itself, which is fantastic. Thank you so much for the print and the additional posters. All the best "

Adam (30/09/19)

"Hi Robert, Package has been received. I am very grateful for your additions, very kind and generous of you. Thank you very much, these will be important pieces for my practice. "

Kendra (02/09/19)

"Hi Robert, Thank you.  The thangkas on your site are remarkably beautiful.   Warm regards, "

Amy (01/08/19)

"Dear Robert Thank you very much for your quick response in printing the A3 21 Taras which supports my Short Tara Mandala Practice. I also appreciate very much your generosity re 21 Longchenpa Tradition Taras and White Tara poster.  "

Julie (01/08/19)

"Thank you Robert! Its a great picture, I love it! Have a good day."

Martin (31/07/19)

"Thank you so much for beautiful sacred artworks which arrived today! "

Natalie (27/08/19)

"Dear Robert, I received today a lot of blessings. Thank you for all and all the best for you. "

Peter (22/07/19)

"Dear Robert, Many thanks for the exquisitely beautiful thangka cards, which arrived safe & sound yesterday morning. I appreciated your kind gift of extras. Warm wishes, "

Davy (13/07/19)

"Dear Robert I've received the package and it's filled my heart with joy and excitement. I'm grateful for the gifts. The quality of the print I ordered is really outstanding. Thank you very much. Best wishes to you and all. "

Andras (28/06/19)

"Dear Robert, I got the prints today, thank you so much! The Tara prints are beautiful, thank you also for the artwork of Abhayakaragupta, whom I did not know before. All the best. "

Andrea (24/06/19)

"Hello Robert, I received the order today and I just wanted to say thank you for the extra posters you sent, especially that beautiful Medicine Buddha you signed for me. I'm very happy! Best wishes for you. Greetings. "

Svenja (17/06/19)

"Hello Robert, I received the Vajrabhairava print today along with the beautiful golden prints from you. Thank you so very much, they are stunning! Much love, "

Tancha (09/06/19)

"Hello Robert, I received the Vajrabhairava print today along with the beautiful golden prints from you. Thank you so very much, they are stunning! Much love, "

Nadezhda (06/06/19)

"Dear Robert, Thank you so much, everything has arrived safely. The Machig Labdron print is beautiful with stunning detail and I'll be having it framed for the shrine room next week.  Thanks for the lovely additional prints and postcards, and your generosity and kindness. "

Alan (26/05/19)

"Hi Robert, Sorry for the delay in responding. I was so happy with my prints and cards. Thank you so much. They are exquisite. Also very happy with the extra ones, so kind of you. All the best,   "

Tess (04/05/19)

"Evening Robert, The print arrived safe and sound. Also loving the additional one you have put in there. Much appreciated. Will have to find space for that now. "

Damon (30/04/19)

"Dear Robert, I received the Bardo Mandala. It is stunning! Many thanks to you and Peter. Best Wishes. "

Arthur (28/04/19)

"Dear Robert, They have just arrived & are beautiful! Thanks also for the extras. Many thanks for your wonderful work. Keep at it - as if you need any encouragement from me! "

Davy (15/04/19)

"Hi Robert - the beautiful Cosmos print arrived today. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful screen prints also. Kind regards. Nicolas (29/03/19) "

Nicolas (29/03/19)

"Hi Robert, The prints arrived a couple days ago. They are really beautiful. The print quality is great and the formatting is perfect. Thank you very much! "

Rick (16/03/19)

"Dear Robert. Thank you! The Green and White Tara prints are exquisite, as is customary with your work, but imagine my joy to find the gift! I treasure this print of Sakyamuni Buddha, signed by you. Truly, it draws me in on several levels. Having deferred until I found just the right piece, this is my first Buddha image, actually. I am so fond of it and I send you hearty thanks for all the beauty you sent in that magical tube. xoxo "

Karen (13/03/19)

"Hello Robert, I have received the order: thank you very much. And thank you for the extra items! Best wishes. "

Lodro Norbu (10/03/19)

"Dear Robert, I just received the Simhamukha print and Vajrakilaya gold on black. Many thanks! "

Piotr (02/03/19)

"Hi Robert, The artworks finally arrived! That was so kind of you to add those extra artworks. I am so touched, the gold and bronze prints ones are especially beautiful. Very nice to get a gift from a stranger. Very pleased with everything I’ve received. Thank you again. "

Bronwyn (02/03/19)

"Dearest Professor Beer, Thank You so much for sending them. Your work is profound. As is karma. In turn, I shall do two things. One of which is to request that (The Lion Faced Dakini) she watches over you and your loved ones and those you hold Dear. Again, thank you so much. "

Katherine (26/02/03)

"Thank you! empathy | connectedness | restorative | relator | belief "

Stephen (17/02/19)

"Robert, Thank you for the updates. No worries about the delay. I received the prints and they are beautiful. Thank you "

Lane (10/02/19)

"Thanks Robert, we've received them and thanks for the extra cards, we really appreciate them! Best, "

Oliver (01/02/19)

"Hi Robert, Thank you for both updates, and thank you for making these prints available. My friend Luisa has a number of your prints framed in her house and they’re lovely. Kind regards, "

Vanessa (29/01/19)

"Hi Robert, This is an overdue thank you for making and sending the wonderful print of Machig Labdron! :) I just wanted you to know that she really likes it and is planning on framing it. Thank you also for sending along the other lovely prints and cards. Much appreciation to you, and all the very best in the New Year! "

Robb (27/01/19)

"Dear Robert, I received my print today and the additional screen prints you sent. Thank you so much for your kindness. They all are amazing, and I am so pleased with them. I've known of your work for many years, and I admire you as an artist and a person. Warmest wishes, "

Doug (06/01/19)

"Dear Robert, Thanks, just got the print, looks really great, I have been waiting to get this for some time so happy to get the last one! Peace and Happiness in the year ahead! "

Alex (03/01/19)

"Dear Robert, I have returned to Home for Christmas holidays and found there your tube with the wonderful print and your great signed printings. Thank you so much for these items. "

Peter (31/12/18)

"You're legend, Robert! Infinite thanks for all your, and Peter's, efforts. I didn't have the funds available earlier, and 'round New Year there's a Dharma course at Dhagpo Kagyu Ling in France where all the prints can get a thorough blessing - thanks to you, guys! All the very best, "

Ferdinand (22/12/18)

"Hello Robert, My postcards arrived today. They are very beautiful. Thank you very much for the extras, so kind of you. "

Elaine (21/12/18)

"Hi Robert, The Kanzeon scroll arrived safely and is now framed and is in the central part of the family shrine. Thank you also for the additional cards. "

Michael M (14/12/18)

"Dear Robert, I have received both prints and I like them very much. Thanks a lot. "

Monica (13/12/18)

"Dear Robert, Thanks for the order! That's the best packed parcel that I've seen for a long time. Best Solstice wishes! "

Jon (13/12/18)

"Hi, just wanted to say thanks so much for my print. It’s fantastic, and very kind of you to include the extras too. Best wishes, "

Sam (04/12/18)

"Dear Robert- Just to say the Dragon and Tiger print arrived yesterday and it is 'electrifying', ...The subjects and landscape so astoundingly alive, the vajra energy so very palpable, the color saturation utterly amazing. ...It all simply takes the breath away. And thank you for the abundance of wonderful cards you gifted me with. I love them all and I will gift friends with them in kind. Best, "

Bill (29/11/18)

"Hi Robert, The order has arrived safely in rural Canada! Thank you, it looks great! all the best, "

Maureen (27/11/18)

"Dear Robert, The pictures have just arrived in prime condition. Thank you very much for signing and dedicating the White Tara print. I am sure it will get a place of honour in my friends house! Special thanks for the extra prints added, especially beautiful Buddha Shakyamuni. Several dharma-friends celebrate their birthdays in the next 2 weeks - they will love their gifts...😀 Best wishes & kind regards "

Christian (12/11/18)

"Hello, Robert. The prints arrived today in pristine condition. Thank you very much for all that you have done and continue to do to enable those of us with limited financial resources to have such beautiful images around our shrines and in our homes. (And I am especially grateful for the personalized and signed prints). all the best, "

Billy (05/11/18)

"Thanks so very much Robert for the added background info on Chewang Dorje Lama, and for the great generosity that flows through you from the celestial realms in the form of the additional posters and print that you mention.I had no expectations of such gifts, much less the degree of gratitude I was soon to feel upon receiving your email. ... I've no idea why generosity is not included in the Brahmaviharas. ;-) "

Bill (04/10/18)

"Dear Robert, just a short note to let you know that the splendid Dorje Drollö arrived today. What a brilliant composition! The quality of the print is excellent and the colours come very much alive. Thank you so much. "

Andre (30/09/18)

"Hi Robert Many thanks for your kind gesture and sending extra cards, very much appreciated. With Best Wishes "

John (29/09/18)

"Dear Robert The giclee prints of Vajrasattva and 35 confessional Buddha's were beyond beautiful. These will greatly help me in my purification practice. Thank you for your generosity in including the signed prints. What an honor, I have greatly admired your art."

Michele (06/09/18)

"Beautiful site, beautiful works, thank you. "

Marc (15/09/18)

"Dear Robert! Thanks a lot for the printings. All have now arrived. I love the printings and thank you for the extra posters. They are guiding me in meditation and on the Noble Eightfold Path. I am sending you a lot Mettā and best wishes, "

Gerd (07/09/18)

"Robert, the print arrived today and I'm delighted with it. What a nice surprise to also receive the beautiful extra prints. So very kind of you. Thank you so much. Have a sunny day. Best wishes, "

Chris (04/09/18)

"You sent me a number of beautiful postcards that I ordered, thank you for that! And moreover, you added a whole lot of extra deity cards as a present! I'm very grateful to you, such a generous gift! Sorry that my reply took some time. Robert, a deep bow for you in gratitude for your wonderful enlightening website, a great dana to us all! Warmly, "

Adeline (01/09/18)

"Hello Robert The print arrived today - it is truly beautiful - thank you. The extras were also much appreciated. Best wishes "

Sharla (21/08/18)

"Dear Robert! I love the B/W White Tara Enthroned and ordered the new print as an imagination print for meditation. Thanks a lot for the printing! With Best Wishes. "

Gerd (17/08/18)

"Dear Robert, I received both prints, they are absolutely beautiful and well worth the cost. Thanks for providing this service to the Buddhist community. :) Blessings, "

John (15/08/18)

"Dear Robert The Guru Rinpoche Giclée print arrived on July 30, a lot faster than anticipated and in good condition. The Guru Rinpoche print is lovely and also thank you for the two screen prints. I have not seen prints like these before. They are interesting. Once again, thank you so much. With my best wishes, "

Norizah (07/08/18)

"Dear Robert, First: thank you so much from the heart for your beautiful website, so rich, so informative, so lovingly set up! - I’ve looked at it before many times, and am glad that I can now say this! "

Adeline (02/08/18)

"Dear Robert, I was touched by your message, as I have been for years by your art. Thank you again for your generosity of spirit and your dedication to the dharma. You are a rare no-one-at-all! May blessings rain down upon you, "

Doug (26/07/18)

"Hi Robert, The tube was indeed successfully delivered. I’m away at the moment so had a Dharma sister open it for me, and she said "Yea, they wrapped it very nicely. I'm surprised, they even put bubble wraps in between the the thangka where the hollow part is." Due to your very considerate packing, everything arrived in good order. Thanks so much! "

Jean (24/07/18)

"Dear Robert I just got home from work and wanted to let you know that the beautiful prints just arrived today. I am really thankful for being able to enjoy your art and make it part of my daily practice. I just can't describe how happy I feel to finally have some of them in my house with my tibetan encyclopedia. I'll be looking forward to save more money so I can buy some more soon. Thank you for the gifts and above all for your kindness. My best wishes for you, ever. "

Cesar (24/07/18)

"Thank you Robert, Our Sangha loves your images. It is generous of you to include some free cards. I hope your summer has been fruitful. "

Tom (19/07/18)

"Dear Robert, The print arrived today and it looks great. Thank you. Kind regards, "

Jake (01/07/18)

"Dear Robert, Both the tube and the reinforced envelope arrived in perfect shape today. Thank you so much for your super meticulous packing. The prints are absolutely STUNNING, especially the Kagyu Refuge Tree and the Padmasambhava+8 Manifestations. Brings me great joy just by looking at them! Thanks again for the great works and everything! Best regards as always, "

Kai (26/06/18)

"Thank you so very much! So appreciated. You have beautiful product!! "

Michelle (08/06/18)

"Dear Robert, Hope that you are well. I have just received the tube today. The Bagalamukhi print is a pure beauty, the wait was worthwhile. Thank you very much. "


"Dear Robert, I received my prints yesterday. I have admired your work since I began practicing some twenty years ago, so it is a delight to have these prints within my possession. They are truly lovely. Kindest Regards, "


"Hello Robert, First of all, much thanks for the last order that was received from you. Every print was fabulous as to both the art and the printing. Positively lovely! Thank you so much for taking the time and attention to personally produce these prints. The results of your efforts are quite impressive to say the least and I am most grateful to for the opportunity to view them and to utilize them. Your work and the work that you do is dearly loved and appreciated by many. You light up lives. These quality images are a great inspiration to my practice and I am sure to many other practitioners as well. Many Great Blessings, "


"Dear Robert, Both tubes have arrived. Even your packaging is a work of art (I was sad to gently destroy it). Thanks for all the other prints. I'll put up the protectors print too (in frame with black borders), and use it to inspire my practice. I actually have a number of high resolution photos of Troma Ngakmo, but this one is exquisite. It was the Ta Chag Khyungsum I was mainly after as it's hard to find a good representation of this, but when I saw the Troma Ngakmo I couldn't resist. Thanks for all your efforts. YITD "


"Dear Robert, Thank you so much for letting me know. I have followed your work in my 15 year Buddhist practice and I have always relied on it as a source of wisdom and inspiration. Finding the right Thangka is a bit like falling in love; with the Troma Nagmo it was a recognition that my shadow side, as powerful as I believe it to be, could be contained by the energy of Troma Nagpo; this made me feel more safe and inspired to persevere with my Chod practice. I wish you all the best with your exploration, and thank you for your hard work. Kind Regards, "


"I received this order today, I wanted to thank you for the two extra prints and also for the excellent packing job. Everything arrived in pristine condition. Thank you very much. "


"Dear Robert, Great news: the package arrived today with its wonderful content. Very beautiful... Thanks for the gifts. I am very happy, satisfied and grateful to you for your work. Best wishes, "


"Thanks for all the effort Robert. The quality of these two prints are striking. "


"Dear Robert I have collected the package, so apologies for bothering you unnecessarily. Thank you so much for the additional print, it's very beautiful as all your work is. Many Thanks again "


"Dear Robert, The package arrived actually quite awhile ago - thank you for all the wonderful "extras"! The blazing skeleton is exquisite - to me it seems like an image of perfect fearlessness in practice. Thank you and best wishes to you as well. "


"Dear Robert, The print arrived December 22, and in perfect condition due to the excellent packaging. I am integrating it into "my Buddhafield" currently. Thanks ever so much, it is an outstanding print and I know I will benefit from it. "


"Hi Robert, I received the print and it is amazing. The quality is fantastic. I have already recommended it to 8-10 people in my Sangha. Thank you soooo much! "


"Dear Robert, Thank you very much for the print and for your kind gifts. May you attain enlightenment for the good of all sentient beings. "


"Hi Robert. The package arrived! I opened it today. The giclée prints are BEAUTIFUL. These prints are out of this world! I am so so happy with them. I hope they sell well so that others can appreciate this beautiful work. "


"Dear Robert, Again I would like to assure you my deep gratitude having dedicated so much of your time to us, and thank you so much for all the really amazing thangkas we were lucky enough to totally admire! I am already looking forward to meet you again in January. All the best to you, "


"Robert, Received the package and the print is exquisite! Well worth the wait. Thanks for your diligence in getting this order completed and for keeping me informed of the status. Blessings of the Season to you. "


"Dearest Robert, This is just to inform you that all the pictures have arrived today in good condition. They are really nice! Thank you so much for all the extra pictures, it really was not necessary. Thank you again for taking the effort to personally sign the pictures. With many blessings and love. "

Saurabh and Richa

"Thanks Robert. I certainly appreciate your personal e-mails. Yes, we received the large Dorje Drolo print. We had it matted and framed. It turned out beautifully. Now it hangs in our sacred practice space. Also my wife and I love your book of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs. Thanks for all your wonderful Dharma work! Tashi Deleg. "


"I am delighted with my order. The postcards are beautiful and paintings of the deities and other images are also very beautiful. Thank you very much - and thanks for your generosity in sending the free postcards too. With kind regards "


"Hi Robert I got the print in the post this morning Saturday 23rd September. Thank you for the 21 Tara print and also your gift of the print of Abhayakaragupta Julie "


"Hi Robert - the beautiful Cosmos print arrived today. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful screen prints also. Kind regards. Nicolas (29/03/19) "

Nicolas (29/03/19)

"Dear Robert, Thank you! I appreciate your work, "


"Robert, thank you for the beautiful prints, their energy permeates the house already. "


"“Robert, Just framed the Bardo mandala print, it is breathtaking. I am so pleased I got the large one; the detail is extraordinary. The quality of your prints is so good, please pass on my regards to the printer. Thank you. Best wishes.” "


"Thanks for your immediate attention. Love your work."


"Dear Robert, Thank you very much for your kind and prompt reply. I look forward to receiving the posters! Loved your collection! Kind regards, "


"Dear Robert, Thank you so much for your honesty and generosity and for making the picture of my Master...it's beautiful. I deeply appreciate it!!! Namaste"


"Dear Robert, Thank you that is great, just in time for my retreat! I did a painting course with you many, many years ago in Totnes Devon, and really enjoyed it, hope you are still painting your beautiful Buddhist art. Warmest wishes, & Kind regards "


"Dearest Robert, Thank you so much for the beautiful posters send and your generosity in adding an extra one of Shakyamuni Buddha. The tube was on doorstep the day after my husband's birthday, which actually was perfect. As far as birthdays go sometimes the day after is actually sweeter. Great thanks for the beautiful blessings of your sacred paintings. "


"Can’t thank you enough, not just for the prints, but for helping to get me interested in Buddhism in the first place. Since then I’ve done 35 years of dzogchen and mahamudra with Lama Chime, for which you must hold at least part of the blame."


"Hi Rob I came back yesterday and had the pleasure to find the tube in my letterbox Very, very pleased with the quality of the print !! and thank you very much for the extra poster! All the best "


"I have peered over all of the prints with a magnifying glass becuz they are so clear and the details seem so fresh. Brush strokes, small details, and shading are all eye-popping."


"Dear Robert I’ve received the post cards last week. They are great and thank you very much for sending a pair of each! "


"Hi Robert, I'm completely happy with everything: Gyankar's artwork, the extraordinary drawings from you and the beautiful postcard. You are more than generous. Thank you for looking at my website, kind of you. love "


"Hi Robert, I received my pictures today, and I love them! They are truly beautiful! And thank you so much for the extra prints you included - lovely!! Best,"


"Hi Robert, everything arrived today in good shape and so beautiful. Thanks also for the 2 beautiful drawings, so kind of you. I'm thrilled. love "


"Hi Robert. Hope all is well with you. The prints arrived today and they are beautiful. Thanks for the lovely extras too -also beautiful. I'll be ordering the Dudjom Troma print in a few days. Thanks Again!! "


"Hi Robert. Thank you. Good to hear from you. I thought I'd take a look at your web site and was surprised to see the new images. Had to get them. Will be ordering the color version of the Dudjom Troma next month. I love the great detail and beautiful colors you have been able to achieve through your processes. I'll keep my eyes open for the ones you sent. Thanks again "


"Dear Robert I hope your convalescing well and that your getting strong. Thank you for the thangka. It is beautiful and I’m so very happy to have it. I will send you a picture once it is back from the framer. Thank you again "


"Dear Robert I just wanted to let you know that both packages have arrived safely. Also, thank you so very much for all the extras you included. I was very touched and they are much appreciated! Thank you. Warmest wishes from bonny Scotland "


"Hi Robert, I received the Tilopa print and it's perfect; looks great. And thanks very much for the additional print you enclosed! much appreciated. All the best and many blessings. "


"Hi Robert Thanks so much for all this information! In addition to your wonderful art, of course. I'm very grateful! All best, "


"Dear Robert, I waited until today to unpack the package you so beautifully put together. I showed my colleague, Tim (a countryman of yours), the envelope because it was so beautifully “designed.” I guess even in small things, an artist shows his stripes. The giclee print of Yamantaka is much more beautiful that I had imagined it. So detailed, and everything absolutely vivid. What a powerful image, and so magnificently produced. Thanks, also, for the beautiful image of Abhayakaragupta. I see that he is a guru in the line of the Yamantaka transmission (of at least one of the forms, the black one, it seems). That was very, very thoughtful and sweet of you to include it. I will most certainly be a return customer! I love the detail of the “generic” Gelugpa lama in the upper right of the thangka. Being a practitioner in that order, it means a lot, and I can easily image the lamas who bestowed that empowerment on me in that place. Bless you, Robert. Again, it is has been a real pleasure and very much a privilege to be in contact with you and do business with you. P.S. I enjoyed reading your interviews on your site. I love that you found your particular style, so readily recognizable, by an intuitive path. Given that the tradition is often understood as resistant to innovation, your work is all the more remarkable. It is so alive and beautiful, and has always seemed to me to be a body of work that has pushed the tradition forward. "