Customer Testimonials

Below are a selection of the testimonials provided by some of our customers regarding their artworks that they have received.

"Dear Robert The giclee prints of Vajrasattva and 35 confessional Buddha's were beyond beautiful. These will greatly help me in my purification practice. Thank you for your generosity in including the signed prints. What an honor, I have greatly admired your art."

Michele (06/09/18)

"Beautiful site, beautiful works, thank you. "

Marc (15/09/18)

"Dear Robert! Thanks a lot for the printings. All have now arrived. I love the printings and thank you for the extra posters. They are guiding me in meditation and on the Noble Eightfold Path. I am sending you a lot Mettā and best wishes, "

Gerd (07/09/18)

"Robert, the print arrived today and I'm delighted with it. What a nice surprise to also receive the beautiful extra prints. So very kind of you. Thank you so much. Have a sunny day. Best wishes, "

Chris (04/09/18)

"You sent me a number of beautiful postcards that I ordered, thank you for that! And moreover, you added a whole lot of extra deity cards as a present! I'm very grateful to you, such a generous gift! Sorry that my reply took some time. Robert, a deep bow for you in gratitude for your wonderful enlightening website, a great dana to us all! Warmly, "

Adeline (01/09/18)

"Hello Robert The print arrived today - it is truly beautiful - thank you. The extras were also much appreciated. Best wishes "

Sharla (21/08/18)

"Dear Robert! I love the B/W White Tara Enthroned and ordered the new print as an imagination print for meditation. Thanks a lot for the printing! With Best Wishes. "

Gerd (17/08/18)

"Dear Robert, I received both prints, they are absolutely beautiful and well worth the cost. Thanks for providing this service to the Buddhist community. :) Blessings, "

John (15/08/18)

"Dear Robert The Guru Rinpoche Giclée print arrived on July 30, a lot faster than anticipated and in good condition. The Guru Rinpoche print is lovely and also thank you for the two screen prints. I have not seen prints like these before. They are interesting. Once again, thank you so much. With my best wishes, "

Norizah (07/08/18)

"Dear Robert, First: thank you so much from the heart for your beautiful website, so rich, so informative, so lovingly set up! - I’ve looked at it before many times, and am glad that I can now say this! "

Adeline (02/08/18)

"Dear Robert, I was touched by your message, as I have been for years by your art. Thank you again for your generosity of spirit and your dedication to the dharma. You are a rare no-one-at-all! May blessings rain down upon you, "

Doug (26/07/18)

"Hi Robert, The tube was indeed successfully delivered. I’m away at the moment so had a Dharma sister open it for me, and she said "Yea, they wrapped it very nicely. I'm surprised, they even put bubble wraps in between the the thangka where the hollow part is." Due to your very considerate packing, everything arrived in good order. Thanks so much! "

Jean (24/07/18)

"Dear Robert I just got home from work and wanted to let you know that the beautiful prints just arrived today. I am really thankful for being able to enjoy your art and make it part of my daily practice. I just can't describe how happy I feel to finally have some of them in my house with my tibetan encyclopedia. I'll be looking forward to save more money so I can buy some more soon. Thank you for the gifts and above all for your kindness. My best wishes for you, ever. "

Cesar (24/07/18)

"Thank you Robert, Our Sangha loves your images. It is generous of you to include some free cards. I hope your summer has been fruitful.  "

Tom (19/07/18)

"Dear Robert, The print arrived today and it looks great. Thank you. Kind regards, "

Jake (01/07/18)

"Dear Robert, Both the tube and the reinforced envelope arrived in perfect shape today. Thank you so much for your super meticulous packing. The prints are absolutely STUNNING, especially the Kagyu Refuge Tree and the Padmasambhava+8 Manifestations. Brings me great joy just by looking at them! Thanks again for the great works and everything!  Best regards as always, "

Kai (26/06/18)

"Thank you so very much! So appreciated. You have beautiful product!! "

Michelle (08/06/18)

"Dear Robert, Hope that you are well. I have just received the tube today. The Bagalamukhi print is a pure beauty, the wait was worthwhile. Thank you very much. "


"Dear Robert, I received my prints yesterday. I have admired your work since I began practicing some twenty years ago, so it is a delight to have these prints within my possession. They are truly lovely. Kindest Regards, "


"Hello Robert, First of all, much thanks for the last order that was received from you. Every print was fabulous as to both the art and the printing. Positively lovely! Thank you so much for taking the time and attention to personally produce these prints. The results of your efforts are quite impressive to say the least and I am most grateful to for the opportunity to view them and to utilize them. Your work and the work that you do is dearly loved and appreciated by many. You light up lives. These quality images are a great inspiration to my practice and I am sure to many other practitioners as well. Many Great Blessings, "


"Dear Robert, Both tubes have arrived. Even your packaging is a work of art (I was sad to gently destroy it). Thanks for all the other prints. I'll put up the protectors print too (in frame with black borders), and use it to inspire my practice. I actually have a number of high resolution photos of Troma Ngakmo, but this one is exquisite.  It was the Ta Chag Khyungsum I was mainly after as it's hard to find a good representation of this, but when I saw the Troma Ngakmo I couldn't resist. Thanks for all your efforts. YITD "


"Dear Robert, Thank you so much for letting me know. I have followed your work in my 15 year Buddhist practice and I have always relied on it as a source of wisdom and inspiration. Finding the right Thangka is a bit like falling in love; with the Troma Nagmo it was a recognition that my shadow side, as powerful as I believe it to be, could be contained by the energy of Troma Nagpo; this made me feel more safe and inspired to persevere with my Chod practice. I wish you all the best with your exploration, and thank you for your hard work. Kind Regards, "


"I received this order today, I wanted to thank you for the two extra prints and also for the excellent packing job.  Everything arrived in pristine condition.  Thank you very much. "


"Dear Robert, Great news: the package arrived today with its wonderful content. Very beautiful... Thanks for the gifts. I am very happy, satisfied and grateful to you for your work. Best wishes, "


"Thanks for all the effort Robert.  The quality of these two prints are striking. "


"Dear Robert I have collected the package, so apologies for bothering you unnecessarily. Thank you so much for the additional print, it's very beautiful as all your work is. Many Thanks again "


"Dear Robert, The package arrived actually quite awhile ago - thank you for all the wonderful "extras"! The blazing skeleton is exquisite - to me it seems like an image of perfect fearlessness in practice. Thank you and best wishes to you as well. "


"Dear Robert, The print arrived December 22, and in perfect condition due to the excellent packaging. I am integrating it into "my Buddhafield" currently. Thanks ever so much, it is an outstanding print and I know I will benefit from it. "


"Hi Robert, I received the print and it is amazing.  The quality is fantastic.  I have already recommended it to 8-10 people in my Sangha.  Thank you soooo much! "


"Dear Robert, Thank you very much for the print and for your kind gifts. May you attain enlightenment for the good of all sentient beings. "


"Hi Robert. The package arrived! I opened it today. The giclée prints are BEAUTIFUL. These prints are out of this world! I am so so happy with them. I hope they sell well so that others can appreciate this beautiful work. "


"Dear Robert, Again I would like to assure you my deep gratitude having dedicated so much of your time to us, and thank you so much for all the really amazing thangkas we were lucky enough to totally admire! I am already looking forward to meet you again in January. All the best to you, "


"Robert, Received the package and the print is exquisite! Well worth the wait. Thanks for your diligence in getting this order completed and for keeping me informed of the status. Blessings of the Season to you. "


"Dearest Robert, This is just to inform you that all the pictures have arrived today in good condition. They are really nice! Thank you so much for all the extra pictures, it really was not necessary. Thank you again for taking the effort to personally sign the pictures. With many blessings and love. "

Saurabh and Richa

"Thanks Robert. I certainly appreciate your personal e-mails. Yes, we received the large Dorje Drolo print. We had it matted and framed. It turned out beautifully. Now it hangs in our sacred practice space. Also my wife and I love your book of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs. Thanks for all your wonderful Dharma work! Tashi Deleg. "


"I am delighted with my order. The postcards are beautiful and paintings of the deities and other images are also very beautiful. Thank you very much - and thanks for your generosity in sending the free postcards too. With kind regards "


"Hi Robert I got the print in the post this morning Saturday 23rd September. Thank you for the 21 Tara print and also your gift of the print of Abhayakaragupta Julie "


"Dear Robert, Thank you! I appreciate your work, "


"Robert, thank you for the beautiful prints, their energy permeates the house already. "


"“Robert, Just framed the Bardo mandala print, it is breathtaking. I am so pleased I got the large one; the detail is extraordinary. The quality of your prints is so good, please pass on my regards to the printer. Thank you. Best wishes.” "


"Thanks for your immediate attention. Love your work."


"Dear Robert, Thank you very much for your kind and prompt reply. I look forward to receiving the posters! Loved your collection! Kind regards, "


"Dear Robert, Thank you so much for your honesty and generosity and for making the picture of my's beautiful. I deeply appreciate it!!! Namaste"


"Dear Robert, Thank you that is great, just in time for my retreat! I did a painting course with you many, many years ago in Totnes Devon, and really enjoyed it, hope you are still painting your beautiful Buddhist art. Warmest wishes, & Kind regards "


"Dearest Robert, Thank you so much for the beautiful posters send and your generosity in adding an extra one of Shakyamuni Buddha. The tube was on doorstep the day after my husband's birthday, which actually was perfect. As far as birthdays go sometimes the day after is actually sweeter. Great thanks for the beautiful blessings of your sacred paintings. "


"Can’t thank you enough, not just for the prints, but for helping to get me interested in Buddhism in the first place. Since then I’ve done 35 years of dzogchen and mahamudra with Lama Chime, for which you must hold at least part of the blame."


"Hi Rob I came back yesterday and had the pleasure to find the tube in my letterbox Very, very pleased with the quality of the print !! and thank you very much for the extra poster! All the best "


"I have peered over all of the prints with a magnifying glass becuz they are so clear and the details seem so fresh. Brush strokes, small details, and shading are all eye-popping."


"Dear Robert I’ve received the post cards last week. They are great and thank you very much for sending a pair of each! "


"Hi Robert, I'm completely happy with everything: Gyankar's artwork, the extraordinary drawings from you and the beautiful postcard. You are more than generous. Thank you for looking at my website, kind of you. love "


"Hi Robert, I received my pictures today, and I love them! They are truly beautiful! And thank you so much for the extra prints you included - lovely!! Best,"


"Hi Robert, everything arrived today in good shape and so beautiful. Thanks also for the 2 beautiful drawings, so kind of you. I'm thrilled. love "


"Hi Robert. Hope all is well with you. The prints arrived today and they are beautiful. Thanks for the lovely extras too -also beautiful. I'll be ordering the Dudjom Troma print in a few days. Thanks Again!! "


"Hi Robert. Thank you. Good to hear from you. I thought I'd take a look at your web site and was surprised to see the new images. Had to get them. Will be ordering the color version of the Dudjom Troma next month. I love the great detail and beautiful colors you have been able to achieve through your processes. I'll keep my eyes open for the ones you sent. Thanks again "


"Dear Robert I hope your convalescing well and that your getting strong. Thank you for the thangka. It is beautiful and I’m so very happy to have it. I will send you a picture once it is back from the framer. Thank you again "


"Dear Robert I just wanted to let you know that both packages have arrived safely. Also, thank you so very much for all the extras you included. I was very touched and they are much appreciated! Thank you. Warmest wishes from bonny Scotland "


"Hi Robert, I received the Tilopa print and it's perfect; looks great. And thanks very much for the additional print you enclosed! much appreciated. All the best and many blessings. "


"Hi Robert Thanks so much for all this information! In addition to your wonderful art, of course. I'm very grateful! All best, "


"Dear Robert, I waited until today to unpack the package you so beautifully put together. I showed my colleague, Tim (a countryman of yours), the envelope because it was so beautifully “designed.” I guess even in small things, an artist shows his stripes. The giclee print of Yamantaka is much more beautiful that I had imagined it. So detailed, and everything absolutely vivid. What a powerful image, and so magnificently produced. Thanks, also, for the beautiful image of Abhayakaragupta. I see that he is a guru in the line of the Yamantaka transmission (of at least one of the forms, the black one, it seems). That was very, very thoughtful and sweet of you to include it. I will most certainly be a return customer! I love the detail of the “generic” Gelugpa lama in the upper right of the thangka. Being a practitioner in that order, it means a lot, and I can easily image the lamas who bestowed that empowerment on me in that place. Bless you, Robert. Again, it is has been a real pleasure and very much a privilege to be in contact with you and do business with you. P.S. I enjoyed reading your interviews on your site. I love that you found your particular style, so readily recognizable, by an intuitive path. Given that the tradition is often understood as resistant to innovation, your work is all the more remarkable. It is so alive and beautiful, and has always seemed to me to be a body of work that has pushed the tradition forward. "