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Green Tara :

LIMITED STOCK: only one card per order: Green Tara, the 'Liberator or Saviouress', is the principal female bodhisattva of compassion and the 'Mother of all the Buddhas'. She protects all beings from the eight great fears of samsara or cyclic existence: fire (anger); floods (attachment); lions (pride); elephants (ignorance); imprisonment (greed); snakes (jealousy); demons (doubt), and thieves (false views). Tara is peaceful and attractive, as youthful as a sixteen-year-old, and her beautiful emerald-green body is adorned with the divine silk and jewel ornaments of an enlightened goddess. She sits upon a moon disc and lotus in the posture of royal-ease, with her right foot resting upon a small lotus pedestal. With her extended right hand she makes the gesture of generosity, granting boons to all beings. With her left hand she makes the gesture of protection or giving refuge in front of her heart, with her thumb and ring finger holding the stem of an immaculate lotus that blossoms at the level of her ear. Her radiant aura is surrounded with flowers and she abides within a beautiful landscape.

© text by Robert Beer