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Vajrayogini :

Copper high quality statue with 'cold' gold painted face,and decorated with turqoise and coral coloured stones.Easily assembled from three seperately moulded parts. Vajra Yogini symbolizes the female tantric aspect of the Enlightened mind, embodying the union of bliss and emptiness. 9 inches high.This statue depicts Naropa's Vision of Vajrayogini: her two feet treading upon the bodies of Kalarati and Bharava, holding a skull cup, knife and khatvanga while gazing upwards to Kechara Paradise, she stands within an aura of blazing fire.

All our statues are cast using the "lost wax" process, which entails the melting away of each unique model of the Deity by the pouring of molten copper into the mould. The body is finished with chasing, oxidised, partially "mercury gilded" with real gold and a base plate added to allow for filling with mantras. The face is completed by the application of "cold gold" and the hand painting of its eyes.

© text by Robert Beer