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  • Artist : Robert Beer
  • Type : Postcard
  • Category : Notecards (Set of 11)
  • Original Painting Size : 7 x 5 inches (178 x 127 mm)
  • Original Medium : Art card + envelope

Please select the size and format that you require :

Format Size Price Availability  
Notecard + Envelope 7 x 5 in.
(178 x 127 mm)
£0.70 Currently in stock
Set of all 11 Notecards 7 x 5 in.
(178 x 127 mm)
£5.50 Currently in stock

Marpa :

A set of eleven B/W Notecards with line-drawings by Robert Beer, which depict some of the most important Indian and Tibetan Buddhist lineage holders and gurus. The Notecards come with envelopes, and have a short biography of the lineage master depicted. Priced at £0-70 each, or £5-50 for the full set of eleven.

Marpa, the translator (Tib. lotsawa), was a Tibetan disciple of the Indian Mahasiddhas Naropa and Maitripa. He made several long journeys to India, collecting and translating many important tantric texts into Tibetan. Marpa was the founder of the Tibetan Kagyu lineage, and his most prominent disciple was Milarepa.

© text by Robert Beer