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News from tibetanart.com

May 2021

The recently retired Adobe Flash Player that enabled this website's Zoom function has now been replaced by a new Zoomify system which is far more secure. Meanwhile, due to Coronavirus, the worldwide postal systems have often been subject to delays, with the UK Royal Mail Service increasing its prices four times over this past year. While mailing to the USA, now classed as 'World Zone 3', has now the most expensive, with 'World Zone 2' for Australia and New Zealand, and 'World Zone 1' for the rest of the world. Due to the unpredictability of international deliveries, I have often chosen to pay extra for Tracking on more expensive worldwide orders, so that I can inform customers of their items progress in case of delays. Hopefully this worldwide pandemic with ease with the advent of new vaccines being available, and I wish everyone well during these difficult times.

WEBSITE UPDATE 16th February 2024

Apologies for my delay in putting my Website back on line again. But it took quite a while to relocate and move house once again, this time to Bristol UK. But now having done so, my Website will be up and running again for the rest of this coming year of 2024.

May 2023

Unfortunately, the stupidity of the UK's 'Brexit' from leaving the EU has made it very difficult for small traders like myself, with ordered items frequently being returned from many EU countries. And because of this I have often contemplated closing this website, although sending items to the USA, Australia and to most of the rest of the world remain fine. There have also been problems with the UK's 'Royal Mail' postal service, with strikes etc, which are often related to Brexit. However, for the time being I will carry on with fulfilling orders as best as I can.

April 2022

I have just now made available some 13 inch width Canvas Prints to the website, essentially for certain larger A3+ size prints that are longer in format than the standard 13 x 19 inch prints on A3+ sized paper. At present these include: 1. Kuan Yin: 2. Forty-two Armed Avalokiteshvara: 3. Amitabha Radiating Light: 4. Yeshe Tsogyal and Dzogchen Protector: 6. Thousand-armed Avalokiteshvara: 7. Troma Nagmo (Gold on Black): 8. Dorje Drolo (Dudjom Tersar): 9. Vajradhara with Manjushri and Vajrapani: 10. Wheel of Life: 11. Vajravarahi (Dorje Phagmo): 12. Red Tara: 13. Palden Lhamo: 14. Nyingma Protectors and Yidam Deities: 15. Citipati: 16. Bardo Mandala of Peaceful and Wrathful Deities: 17. Palden Lhamo and her Retinue.

June 2020 Loosening Coronavirus lockdown.

June 17th. In spite of delays in worldwide postal deliveries, all international orders I've sent out over the past three months have eventually reached their destinations. At present I'm only making Giclee prints up to A3+ sizes on 13 x 19 inch paper, apart from some of the small, medium and large size prints that I still have in stock. I've also just made available a bargain set of 67 different postcards, priced at GBP £26.50 plus postage, which also includes seven of the large format postcards.

July 2020. Set of 67 mixed Postcards Now Available.

I have just added a bargain set of sixty-seven different postcards to this website, consisting of sixty of the 6 x 4 inch postcards and seven of the large format postcards. These are already proving to be popular, and are priced at GBP 26.50 (approx. US $33.40) plus postage. Throughout the Coronavirus lockdown a substantial number of orders have been sent out and have safely reached their destinations, although this has necessitated tracking on more expensive orders. Postal delays are still inevitable, especially from the UK to France and Italy, although most orders to the USA seem to reach their destinations quite swiftly, as long as they are tracked.

November 26th. 2020

Orders have been consistently coming in throughout these months in and out of the lock-down, although posting items to the USA has now become more expensive, with more costly items needing to be sent 'tracked'.

I have also recently added a bargain set of 67 different postcards to this website, consisting of sixty of the 6 x 4 inch postcards and seven of the large format postcards. These are proving to be popular, and are priced at GBP 26.50 (approx. US $35.00) plus postage costs.