Welcome to - the website of the British artist and author Robert Beer, who first began to study and practice Tibetan Art in 1970. Showcased in galleries are masterpieces of Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu Tantric art painted by the finest contemporary thangka painters and Newar artists of the Kathmandu Valley.

The main purpose of this site is to reveal the incredible skills of these artists by making their original works available as fine-art Giclee Prints, which are all meticulously accurate in their iconography, colour fidelity and detail. Each painting has a precise description written by Robert Beer, who is working with a master printer to individually produce these archival prints. Also exhibited are the exquisite visionary paintings and mandalas of John F B Miles, along with other deity prints and postcards. Essentially the artists themselves are represented here as some of the most spiritual and divinely inspired painters of our time.

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June 18th 2017 – New Giclee Prints added and Thangkas for Sale.

I am continuing to add new Giclee Prints to the Tibetan and Newar Galleries, and have also added a selection of ‘Thangkas for Sale 2017. Many of these are masterpieces by the brilliant artist Sunlal Ratna Tamang, whose work is no longer easily available. Given the exquisite quality of these works their prices are very reasonable, although most of them are not mounted in brocade. Unfortunately we’ve also had to change the ‘Contact’ details on the site by adding a ‘Captcha’ panel of characters to identify, after we began to receive several thousand spam generated e-mails from China on a daily basing. Apologies for this, but please do persevere with your ‘Contact Us’ inquiries, because it really is worth it!