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Extracts from the Journals of John F. B. Miles

1971 - 1974

I am alive with creativity

Posted by Robert Beer on 7/29/2010 10:31:36 PM
I am alive with creativity. My body tingles with force. I am impregnating my painting with energy. Only one outlet can take the force. It will or would destroy any female willing to be a container for it. Thank God I have realised all this, in time. The entire evolutionary force of nature has got into my body. The sparks of cosmogony crash out all around. No wonder mandalas are appearing on the canvasses with crushing forcefulness. We learn that each thing is unique. But once (read more)

My paintings are manifestations of great love

Posted by Robert Beer on 7/29/2010 10:34:25 PM
The great oceans discernible in the external world project an awareness of a spiritual ocean which life forms flow through. This ocean contains the residue of the 'collective unconscious' just as surely as the fossilised remains that can be found in the Pacific reveal almost a timeless life cycle. Just as surfers tap the energy of the large seas in projecting their bodies and feelings through the surging waves, so does my painting draw its energy from the great force, rendering it (read more)

Synaesthesia - The Wave of Life

Posted by Robert Beer on 7/29/2010 10:35:17 PM
The wave painting will soon be underway. Time and feelings push it closer. As yet I am unable to determine what the image will look like, only what it is to convey. Water, love, crystals and life will hopefully be assembled in a struggle that already begins to grip my mind. It is not a struggle such as the worry of events will bring, rather it is my determination to chronicle in visual terms my strongest feelings and love which has somehow appeared to me in the form of this great wave. (read more)

Discovering the secret of life

Posted by Robert Beer on 7/29/2010 10:37:20 PM
I find myself very confused emotionally and life still has all the mystery and wonder of childhood. The only difference is that I am older and feel less pure - more corrupted. I pray that I can still offer love and inspiration and that my soul is not corrupted extensively. It is two in the morning. Nixon speaks to the world. He is naming the man to replace Agnew. But first a speech in the grand manner - a speech which Nixon clearly sees as an opportunity to regain some of his rapidly (read more)