The great oceans discernible in the external world project an awareness of a spiritual ocean which life forms flow through. This ocean contains the residue of the 'collective unconscious' just as surely as the fossilised remains that can be found in the Pacific reveal almost a timeless life cycle.

Just as surfers tap the energy of the large seas in projecting their bodies and feelings through the surging waves, so does my painting draw its energy from the great force, rendering it visible.

Its presence materialises in my painting through being able to perceive the forms and colours that are tossed around in its force. In the same process of revelation I am aware of winds being revealed by observing leaves fluttering. One sees the invisible force by observing what this force moves.

In this way the inanimate is able to live and breathe, and in my mind becomes inseparable from life itself.

I am constantly aware of life and this becomes the unending theme. Cosmogony is balanced and enthroned in spiritual light.

Seed dispersal in plants and man is echoed as the moon flickers its light across an expanse of sea. I join in with the image and the word.

Man's presence in this world often deludes him into believing that he is orchestrating life; but this is not so.

I feel that the sheer joy of experiencing a comparatively short life span gives the human the eternal happiness of knowing that magical forces have revealed a love force which is so powerful that size is irrelevant, time is irrelevant, even what form life takes is irrelevant. One has a vision of pure love which human intelligence reacts to by being dumbstruck.

My paintings are manifestations of great love.
Those who can feel love and give love will respond to my paintings.
Intellect is irrelevant, only feelings and instincts come into it.

My painting is an expression of my feelings towards life.
Life is a magical gift. My painting is an outpouring of great love and passion, and evokes the Life Force itself.
Cosmogony and spirituality are at the heart of my work. Nature is the magic oracle and my values have a timelessness, which are elements in a great universal truth.
Modern man is strangled by his technology. My roots are primeval.

The reality and meaning of existence only reveals itself to me as 'in between the lines' experience. The lines are meaningless, only the emotional aura given off from them counts.
The real core of life only presents itself in the emotional residue left wedged in between the lines of what actually happens.

If you live a life without emotion you will gain freedom.
If you deny your strongest feelings you will gain freedom
You will in fact be imprisoned in your freedom.
I have been 'freed' into an eternity of emotional imprisonment.
The inner sanctum is, however, closer to the hub of the universe.
Closer to where one can bathe in the waters of life,
Beneath the sun which gives warmth and does not bleach intensity,
Or fade the colours of the mind.

Only truth can be permanent.
And only allegiance to one's greatest passions
Can transcend time and give permanent life.

I do not want to find words to explain my paintings; I want merely to paint.
My painting becomes automatic writing. The calligraphy making statements that jump out of the colour and explode in the spectator's mind, planting seeds of warmth and cosmic force.