The wave painting will soon be underway. Time and feelings push it closer. As yet I am unable to determine what the image will look like, only what it is to convey. Water, love, crystals and life will hopefully be assembled in a struggle that already begins to grip my mind. It is not a struggle such as the worry of events will bring, rather it is my determination to chronicle in visual terms my strongest feelings and love which has somehow appeared to me in the form of this great wave. Reflecting on the idea brings into being the knowledge of a far off force that draws me in closer as the moon pulls the tide.

The paint will touch the force. The paint will transmit the force, but whether or not it can lift and carry me along like a magic carpet, it will still home in on that universal mother which pulsates its life through my whole sensibility.

The painting has been underway for over a month. It fills me with tremendous excitement and contains very detailed passages already. Light explodes through primordial forms and the cosmology relates directly to invisible forces of the ocean. The pull of the moon, which has motivated several recent ceramic pieces, is coupled here with an immensely powerful rising wave, which sees the water pulled 'drum' tight before bursting out seed crystals, which give life and regenerate the liquid cycle.

Light and water co-exist, but in the beginning was the light.

The architects from the National Westminster Bank have seen the I.B.M. Triptych. They want one similar. It will mainly be in sea blues. I suggested £650. They jumped at it straight away!
Today has been miserable, for they do not seem to understand that orange hessian is not a good background colour for the triptych. The architect obviously feels that my idea should revolve around the wallpaper!!!!
This man would have demanded a painting in 'pinks' from Picasso when the artist was slap in the middle of his blue period.

Painting has tonight been exhilarating. It is as if the misery of daily contact only 'jar's' because deep inside lies the intangible painting energy which does not accord with all the society pressures which I am forced to undergo during the day.

Having to negotiate sales and commissions puts such a great strain on me that I often feel like drinking a bottle of whisky first. I resisted today, largely because I had no money.
I do not want to find words to explain my paintings, merely to sit and paint.

The bank mural is now not far from completion, and the architect who designed the new interior has been most helpful, agreeing to change the decor to accord with the picture. I intend writing to the other architect who is employed with the National Westminster. This man has paved the way with difficulty and I am going to 'up' my fee from £650 to £750 with no pangs whatsoever!!

I saw the Chinese exhibition at the Royal Academy a few days ago and was stimulated by the trip. I bought some canvas from Russell and Chapple and also some pigment from Cornelissen's, which still reminds me of a long lost age. The paint stands in huge confectionary jars and is equally delicious. They too, however, are finding difficulty in finding suppliers for the raw pigment. Needless to say it is becoming very expensive too. I was amazed to see that Cobalt Blue was three times as expensive as the Cadmiums. It was nine pounds per pound weight!

My Manganese Blue was £1-20 per lb. Still a good buy.