I am tremendously excited. The painting -"Synaestesia - The Cherry Bath" is framed in black, and will have either a silver or a gold 'hockey stick' to follow. I have fantastic faith in this painting, whether the Tolly Cobbold Arts Committee reject it or not. I know that it is hauntingly powerful!

This painting, of Cherry in the bath, was later stabbed in a fit of anger with a sharp pencil by Cherry. John derived some humour from the fact that the pencil had made a precise circular hole at the base of her pubic mound. John finally burned this painting several years later in his garden, along with the ancient mattress of his 'dream bed'. This bonfire or memories produced a huge column of black smoke that ascended vertically into the sky above Torquay, which John described as being like the final demise of Sauron in the Lord of the Rings.